My Apologies if you have received a charge that says it is from Scott Barber Film - it is fraud.

Since the middle of January 2018 I have gotten several inquiries from people who have received a charge from Scott Barber Film. These charges range in total value but have been into the $300 range. Please call your credit card company immediately and refute the charge. I don’t sell a product I charge via credit card. I’m not seeing ANYTHING on any of my accounts that show these charges. What seems to have happened is nothing more than my business name is being misused as cover for these fraudulent charges.

Furthermore please reach out to me if you have any suggestions about who to contact that can look into this and find those responsible. Hopefully the culprits are stopped soon and this all comes to an end. It's not the best look for my business as you can imagine. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.


Scott Barber