Features leading to X Games 2018

Hailey Langland Road to X Games 2018

Watch as Jack Mitrani spends some quality time with Hailey while hearing her perspective of snowboarding as well as her goals this season. 

X Games Athlete Profiles

Get a little background on some of the athletes of X Games.

X Games Gear Checks

Check out some of the necessities X Games athletes travel with as they go from contest to contest.

Collaboration Pieces

Had the opportunity to gather video interviews to help with the stories for these pieces. 

Features leading to X Games 2017

Heath Frisby X Games host Jack Mitrani caught up with 3-time X Games gold medalist Heath Frisby to discuss a new trick he's bringing to X Games Aspen 2017: The double backflip on a snowmobile. 

Gus Kenworthy Coming off one of his most successful X Games performances ever in 2016, Gus Kenworthy sits down with Jack Mitrani to discuss the balance between competing in different disciplines, his new vlog and more.

Chloe Kim has new tricks in mind for Women's Snowboard Superpipe, but won't divulge them. So what's next? X Games host Jack Mitrani investigates. 

Danny Davis Snowboard SuperPipe competitor Danny Davis is heading into X Games Aspen 2017 without the ability to grab his board with his right hand. But how did he hurt his hand?