Hello Tumblr

I am Scott Barber.

I am a recent graduate from Champlain College in Burlington, VT. I graduated with a degree in filmmaking and absolutely love it. I started filmmaking before college, documenting the sports I was super passionate about. No not football, not basketball, not baseball or lax. I spent my winters snowboarding and my summers downhill and urban biking. I was 24/7 active and loved the adrenaline I got from pushing myself to do better and learn more. Filming the sports only enhanced the experience. It was one thing to live in the moment and be on the hill, but it was extra rad to relive it at home, edit it and share it with friends and family.

While at Champlain my filmmaking fostered into something so much more. I learned all the essentials of making a film from pre to post production and I became confident with the product that I could achieve with my learned knowledge.

Since the commencement of my time at Champlain College (May 5th, 2012) I have worked with Thom Pollard of Eyes Open Productions based out of New Hampshire, Tom Guilmette who is a DP out of Massachusetts and shoots left field for Boston Red Sox, filmed my first wedding, gotten a videography position with STS Travel to go to Mexico and film/edit promotional material for the upcoming spring break, and all the while editing videos for DayGlow “The World’s Largest Paint Party” one of the largest Electronic Dance Music events to tour the nation! 

I am truly doing what I love and am blessed for the opportunities that have come my way thus far. The people I have worked with and continue to network with are so amazing! I know I will meet my fair share of grumps in this business but I plan on getting through it and ending each day with a smile.