Shoot with Eyes Open Productions.

Thom Pollard is awesome. What a great dude!

This was my first shoot in a professional environment. I was a PA, AC and 2nd Unit Camera Op. Working with a ton of equipment for an interview with people I had never met was a great experience. The shoot definitely built up my confidence working within this career path.

The client for the shoot was Polartec. Polartec makes fleece for pretty much all of the major names in the outdoor industry including North Face and Patagonia. Walking around the factory and getting to see all the machines was a real treat. It was a well rounded shoot as I was doing PA work - fetching whatever was needed, AC - operating the clapper, 2nd Unit Camera - cruising around Lexington getting B-Roll of the factories as well as the town on my 550D. 

Super great shoot building a relationship with a phenomenal contact!