Shoot with Tom Guilmette//Kessler Crane

What a guy! Totally rad, super professional, I hope to learn a ton from him in the future!

I had never met Tom before this shoot. He shot my buddy Alex ripping Downhill with the Phantom Flex and so Alex was able to link me up with Tom to shoot. Tom wanted to shoot some waterfall stuff in North Conway at Diana’s Baths to test out his Kessler Crane and Kessler Revolution head along with his Red ONE MX. I was more than stoked to have access to all of this equipment in a laid back setting! What a privilege it was!

And a good work out as well! We lugged a couple hundred pounds of equipment in on  a hand cart. It was a 0.6 mile easy dirt hike but with three trips we definite burned a few calories. 

We set up the crane with the Red and some Zeiss Primes at the top of the waterfall. It was amazing all the great shots you could get from one vantage point by doing different moves with the crane and positioning the camera at different angles with the Revolution head. Tom wasn’t very excited about how the shots came out because the Revolution head was being problematic and causing jittery movement. Although a bummer, there was no way that news was going to get me down after such a great day. The experience was 100% worth it and having Tom as a contact is amazing!