W.B. Mason Commercial Write Up

This was quite an experience to say the least. I was contacted by my buddy Josh to do a commercial for the W.B. branch in Burlington, VT. 

I met with Josh and his boss Brian a couple times to lay out some ideas for the commercial. I showed the two of them the commercial for Dollar Shave Club (DSC) and they loved it. (http://www.youtube.com/user/DollarShaveClub?v=ZUG9qYTJMsI) They loved it so much that they copied the entire thing for this commercial, which I had my insecurities about. Brian pushed on in saying that we would be fine and to just do the video. 

Josh and Brian worked on the script for the video, which came out pretty great. They didn’t have as much of it done as I would have liked before we started shooting and that lost us some precious time while on set. Although the video was entirely based on the DSC commercial, we had an entirely different product and some of the lines Brian and Josh came up with were very creative. 

I did my best to light the commercial with a Lowell kit (containing two omnis and one tota) as well as a lowell riffa light and a 10"x10" LED panel.

On the second day of shooting things got very stressful. It was the last day we had to get the shots done and Brian was busy with other work so we crammed filming in between his meetings. This did not make me feel very good as I was volunteering my time in the first place and wanted to produce a product that I was proud of, not one that we ripped off with too little time. 

Things I would have changed about the shoot:

-Had a more definite script before starting

-Spent more time scouting locations and drawing light diagrams

-Larger light package

-Recently a classmate told me Hairspray is good for glare (would have been great to try this out on the plastic wrap in the warehouse)

-Had an extra hand on set to help out

-Smaller lights for tighter areas

-A concrete uninterrupted block of time to get the shots done

-Money (haha)

I learned from all of the above and am content that next time I won’t have as many of these issues due to this experience.