Shooting footage for Student Travel Serivices out of a helicopter in Cancun, MX (2013)


In 2005 Scott traveled to Africa on safari, armed with a JVC camcorder and a bag of beans (to minimize shake while mounted on the top of the safari jeep) to shoot throughout Tanzania. It was during this experience that Scott’s interest for film grew from a hobby used in conjunction with snowboarding and downhill mountain biking, to a potential career path and a life-long passion.

Scott attended Champlain College in Burlington, VT and graduated with a degree in filmmaking. While at Champlain College his skill-set grew exponentially as he learned all the essentials of making a film from pre to post production. During his senior year Scott directed the short film Small World that went on to be accepted in the Lewiston Auburn Film Festival.

Scott is now a freelance filmmaker living in Burlington, VT with experience in action sports, event coverage, business advertising as well as wedding filmmaking and photography. Although based in New England, Scott Barber Film spans projects all over the globe. Some of his recent work has been shooting professional snowboarding in the USA but also throughout Europe and New Zealand with professional snowboarder Danny Davis. The year of 2016 also brought Scott the opportunity to direct and shoot for an expedition on Everest while living at Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal for 5 weeks. Scott has titled this project Sharing Everest and while it may have several years of production it's looking to be some of Scott's most exciting work yet.

Scott has worked with a variety of cameras starting with all DSLR models but now operates a majority of the time between his RED Scarlet W camera package and the Sony Fs7. He works all roles of the set and prides himself on hearing an idea from a client then taking the concept through all stages of production. Scott is highly experienced with the Adobe Creative Cloud working almost daily with Premiere Pro and Lightroom for his photography.

Currently Scott Barber works on a vast array of projects but is honing his interest in the outdoor industry and travel documentation. His goal is to work on exciting projects that document hidden stories from around the world that people will find interesting and inspiring.