Every year Steve opens a little time in his incredibly packed schedule to get into the mountains and onto the board. Snowboarding has been a passion of Steve's since his early years and he makes a point to try and get out at least once a year.

2018 - Aoki’s World

Footage used from our 2018 Aspen snowboard trip with Steve.


Road To Rodeo 2 - Aspen Edition ft. Scotty Lago and Louie Vito

On this trip in 2017 Steve traveled to Aspen, CO and met up with Louie Vito, Scotty Lago, Nick Becker and Mark Pinter. Follow along with Steve as he reunites with friends, enjoys some turns and pushes his boundaries by learning the backside rodeo, a timeless trick that was particularly popular when Steve first got into snowboarding.


Road To Rodeo 1 - Mammoth Edition ft. Chloe Kim and Greg Bretz and more

Aaron Hooper from Film for Food reached out to me to edit footage from his Mammoth snowboard trip with Steve Aoki where Aoki was working on his backside rodeo flip.