Video Games Event

VIDEO GAMES EVENT is an interactive digital event that allows the participants to enjoy the freedom of riding with the creativity of filming and editing. They can compete with friends via voting for their favorite Video Game edit online. Winners will be awarded prizes based on points earned by the particular events deadline. Prizes will be mailed to winners directly.

What makes VGE unique is our dedication to helping our participants create better media. We encourage teams to develop a storyline which helps carry a viewer through the 2 minute edits. We combined our own exclusive judging criteria to each stop and have seen great success with finding the most entertaining videos within our series. Each series of edits is given a choice of approved music and also a professionally designed animated bumper package giving the videos a polished look. Last but not least, our elite video judging panel decides who make the best edits. This panel is made up of top pro athletes, cinematographers, editors and industry professionals. VGE has proven to find the best videos from our participants, and we will continue to search for the most talented and creative teams out there, this year and many more to come.

Grand Prize Acknowledgement

"Its been very apparent, through out the entire event, that you guys were setting the bar each time. Once we took a look at the final score...there wasn't a doubt in our minds. bEASTly embodied everything we strive Video Games Event to be. Your connecting story lines and creative editing coupled with some of the sickest snowboarding we have seen lead you guys to, not win...., to earn this trip. Congrats here are all the deets!"

The Full Monty

This edit features all six of the Video Games Event stops throughout the season. We did our best to make them seamless from week to week so that this full cut flows a like a story. Enjoy!

Stop 6: Sugarbush, VT

Is The Red Light On?

VGE 3rd Place Winner

Stop 5: Waterville Valley, NH

Movie Madness

VGE 2nd Place Winner

Stop 4: Sunday River, ME


VGE 1st Place Winner

Stop 3: Nashoba Valley, MA

Cookie Dough Burn

VGE 2nd Place Winner

Stop 2: Gunstock, NH

Hyphy Hi-Five

VGE 1st Place Winner

Stop 1: Big Boulder, PA

Where Is The Ginger?

VGE 1st Place Winner